Our products


PoweNet 2.0


A softwere that helps to create optimal network solutions in the area of electrical power distribution.


PowerNet 1.0

Play a game to solve electrical network distribution problem.

The game can be downloaded on Google Play Store

By the way, if you manage to solve the problem in optimal way, you would be rewarded with real money $$$

IT-project managment

Creating IT solutions is not an easy task. It is as complex and real as construction a building....

Therefore you will need a ball plank to discuss your ideas and sketch togather a road map from idea to product

Softwere development

Network of talnted developers at your proposal.

Both for specifical project and for long term IT-cosultings. 

Softwere testing

Softwere testing is very crucial to provide the costumers fully opertional products, therefore hiring softwere tester is an wise action. 

Our tester doesn't only try to finds "bugs" but aslo come with new view points regarding functionality, friendly usage and desgin.  

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